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Solving For Volume

Absorb, process, store, and analyze terabytes of data…

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Solving for Variety

Enrich your structured data with DaaS and publicly available data sources…
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Solving for Velocity

Parallel computing enables closer to “real-time” reporting across large data sets…
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Big Data Strategy Consulting

Just getting started with Big Data? We can help. With Compunnel’s Big Data Strategy Consulting Solution we can help you create a strong foundation to build upon with your Big Data Strategy.

Big Data POC Teams

Save the trouble of ramp-up and ramp-down, worrying about finding the right people, and building a team.  Compunnel will provide you with a short term team optimized for your POC project.

Turn-Key Big Data Projects

Do you have a well defined project but would rather source it to an outsourced team?  Compunnel can provide turn key solution architecture, big data development, and end to end testing for your project.

Why Compunnel?

While other companies focus on the product (and products in the Big Data space are many), Compunnel focuses on the more rare commodity and that is SMART, TALENTED, and HANDS-ON-EXPERIENCED Big Data Engineers.

It is what you need, and it is what we've got.

Compunnel's Big Data Team

Compunnel’s competitive edge is in our resources.  We pride ourselves in recruiting the most experienced Big Data Engineers who go through rigorous technical screening to vet their hands on development skills.  You will work directly with Big Data Engineers who are leaders in their industry, have completed successful Big Data projects in the past, and can share proactive leadership in your project.
Compunnel’s deep Big Data expertise helped me solve a data management problem that has vexed my organization for years.  Their understanding of data architecture and the power of Big Data technology gave me a solution that will change my business.

President of Technology Services, Global IT services company

# of Big Data Engineers, ETL, Java Developers etc.

  • Big Data Solution Architects 15%
  • Big Data Engineers 50%
  • Big Data ETL 20%
  • Project Managers, QA, Supporting Roles 15%

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